Anthology (2018-2021)

Anthology of the HKBU Century Club Citywide Poetry Competition (2018-2021)

Featuring poems by winners and finalists including, Sky Clarke (EdUHK), Janice Ng Wing Yee (EdUHK), Elaine Ko I Lam (HKBU), Matthew Pang Hin Shun (EdUHK), Nikki Chan Wai Yu (EdUHK), Felix Chow Yue Ching(HKU), Gloria Chioma Onuoha (EdUHK), Sharon Rai (HKU), Christopher Lo Chun Hung (EdUHK), Chan Chong Yan (HKU), Antonia Chu Charmaine (HKBU), Yung Wing Chit (PolyU), Louise Leung Fung Yee (HKU), Yang Linglin (HKBU), Stephanie Keung Wing (EdUHK), Raisa Sheikh (EdUHK), Peggie Chon Sin Yi (HKU), Chiu Ka Man (CityU), Emily Hedvig Olsson (CUHK).


“Come buy, come buy.”
The fruit seller shouted
relentlessly. “埋嚟睇, 埋嚟揀.”
The possible buyers were
Shoving and pushing
To get a glimpse of his baskets.
That sat bashfully:

1. Oranges unsweetened; out of juice
2. A father’s duty & Sam’s tuition
3. Begrudging 120sq ft. mortgage
4. To spend money like dirt
5. Prescription pills waiting dutifully
6. Electric fan, plumbing fee, new shoes, new-
7. Guilty cherries not in season
8. Virgin flowers for a frustrated wife
9. Frugal hope growing dimmer
10. Retirement
11. Child. Proud. Wife. Happy.
12. A good night’s sleep

Stephanie Keung Wing

Introduction by Dr Patrick Gordon Holland, Assistant Professor of Humanities & Creative Writing, HKBU

The young poets presented here understand as keenly as any previous generation what it means to hover between worlds in Hong Kong, so their poems are often inflected by a feeling of love at last sight, and a reaching into an unknown future for properly orienting symbols … I have only been in Hong Kong a short time at the time of writing, and in that time I have been amazed at the energy and creativity of this city. That energy and creativity is discoverable in these poems.”

Patrick Holland

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